Myers Briggs by Common (oversimplified and ignorant) Stereotypes


INFJ: Mystical being
ESTP: Insensitive idiot
INTJ: Machine
ESFP: Ditz
INFP: Wimp
INTP: Machine #2
ESFJ: Boring.
ISFJ: Boring #2
ENTP: Fun idiot
ISTJ: Boring and a machine. Amazing.
ENFP: Manic pixie dream girl
ISFP: Baby animals that just roll around without doing anything
ENTJ: Successful robot
ISTP: A wisp of wind with no personality
ENFJ: Tiny, harmless balls of happiness


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Twiztid - First Day Out '98


First Day Out (‘98) - Twiztid

Now they let the gates up so I bail.

Six shitty months, pick me up from the county jail

Smart ass mouth even though I paid my dues

Foam toilet, worn blankets, and the rubber shoes